La Contenta Middle School

Parent Library Book Titles

Title of Book Author Call Number
1-2-3 magic Phelan, Thomas W., 1943- PAR LIB 649 PHE
The ABCs of learning disabilities Wong, Bernice Y. L. PAR LIB 371.9 WON
Addictions and risky behaviors : cutting, bingeing, snorting, and other dangers Rebman, Renée C., 1961- PAR LIB 613.8 REB
And words can hurt forever : how to protect adolescents from bullying, harassment, and emotional violence Garbarino, James. PAR LIB 371.5 GAR
Antisocial behavior : personality disorders from hostility to homicide Wolman, Benjamin B. PAR LIB 302.5 WOL
The beginner's guide to eating disorders recovery Kolodny, Nancy J. PAR LIB 616.85 KOL
Body piercing and tattooing : the hidden dangers of body art Sawyer, Sarah. PAR LIB 391.6 SAW
A bright red scream : self-mutilation and the language of pain Strong, Marilee. PAR LIB 616.85 STR
Bullies victims : helping your child survive the schoolyard battlefield Fried, SuEllen. PAR LIB 371.5 FRI
Bully-proofing children : a practical, hands-on guide to stop bullying Scaglione, Joanne, 1946- PAR LIB 302.3 SCA
Bullying : how to deal with taunting, teasing, and tormenting Winkler, Kathleen. PAR LIB 371.5 WIN
The challenging child : understanding, raising, and enjoying the five "difficult" types of children Greenspan, Stanley I. PAR LIB 649 GRE
Child obesity : a parent's guide to a fit, trim, and happy child Rao, Goutham. PAR LIB 618.92 RAO
Cliques : 8 steps to help your child survive the social jungle Giannetti, Charlene C. PAR LIB 649 GIA
Complete learning disabilities handbook : ready-to-use strategies activities for teaching students with learning disabilities Harwell, Joan M., 1936- PAR LIB 371.9 HAR
The courage to laugh : humor, hope, and healing in the face of death and dying Klein, Allen. PAR LIB 306.9 KLE
Cutting and self-mutilation : when teens injure themselves Winkler, Kathleen. PAR LIB 616.85 WIN
Cyber-safe kids, cyber-savvy teens : helping young people learn to use the Internet safely and responsibly Willard, Nancy E. PAR LIB 025.04 WIL
Dealing with the stuff that makes life tough : the 10 things that stress girls out and how to cope with them Rutledge, Jill Zimmerman. PAR LIB 305.235 RUT
The defiant child : a parent's guide to oppositional defiant disorder Riley, Douglas. PAR LIB 618.92 RIL
Depression is the pits, but I'm getting better : a guide for adolescents Garland, E. Jane. PAR LIB 616.85 GAR
Depression : what it is, how to beat it Smith, Linda Wasmer. PAR LIB 616.85 SMI
Difficult questions kids ask--and are too afraid to ask--about divorce Schneider, Meg F. PAR LIB 306.89 SCH
Divorce and teens : when a family splits apart Price, Elizabeth. PAR LIB 306.89 PRI
Divorce casualties : protecting your children from parental alienation Darnall, Douglas. PAR LIB 616.85 DAR
Dr. Math explains algebra : learning algebra is easy! just ask Dr. Math! the Math Forum ; cartoons by Jessica Wolk-Stanley. PAR LIB 512 DR
Eating disorders : a handbook for teens, families, and teachers Heller, Tania, 1958- PAR LIB 616.85 HEL
Eating disorders-- : anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating Gay, Kathlyn. PAR LIB 616.85 GAY
The everything stress management book : practical ways to relax, be healthy, and maintain your sanity Adamson, Eve. PAR LIB 155.9 ADA
The everything tween book : a parent's guide to surviving the turbulent preteen years Sonna, Linda, 1950- PAR LIB 649 SON
Ex-etiquette for parents : good behavior after a divorce or separation Blackstone-Ford, Jann. PAR LIB 649 BLA
Frequently asked questions about self-mutilation and cutting Pomere, Jonas. PAR LIB 616.85 POM
From difficult to delightful in just 30 days : how to improve the behavior of your spirited child Azerrad, Jacob, 1936- PAR LIB 649 AZE
Gangs Gifford, Clive. PAR LIB 364.106 GIF
Gangs in schools : signs, symbols, and solutions Goldstein, Arnold P. PAR LIB 371.5 GOL
"Get out of my life, but first could you drive me and Cheryl to the mall?" : a parent's guide to the new teenager Wolf, Anthony E. PAR LIB 306.874 WOL
Girl wars : 12 strategies that will end female bullying Dellasega, Cheryl. PAR LIB 302.3 DEL
The good divorce : keeping your family together when your marriage comes apart Ahrons, Constance R. PAR LIB 306.89 AHR
Growing up again : parenting ourselves, parenting our children Clarke, Jean Illsley. PAR LIB 649 CLA
Headache help : a complete guide to understanding headaches and the medicines that relieve them Robbins, Lawrence D. PAR LIB 616.8 ROB
The headache prevention cookbook : eating right to prevent migraines and other headaches Marks, David R. PAR LIB 616.8 MAR
Healthy teens, body and soul : a parent's complete guide to adolescent health Marks, Andrea, M.D. PAR LIB 613 MAR
Help for eating disorders : a parent's guide to symptoms, causes treatments Katzman, Debra K. PAR LIB 616.85 KAT
Helping children cope with grief Wolfelt, Alan. PAR LIB 155.9 WOL
How to help your child overcome your divorce Benedek, Elissa P. PAR LIB 306.89 BEN
How to help your child with homework : the complete guide to encouraging good study habits and ending the homework wars Schumm, Jeanne Shay, 1947- PAR LIB 372.13 SCH
How to talk so kids will listen listen so kids will talk Faber, Adele. PAR LIB 649.1 FAB
How to talk so your kids will listen Wright, H. Norman. PAR LIB 649.1 WRI
In the mind's eye : visual thinkers, gifted people with dyslexia and other learning difficulties, computer images, and the ironies of creativity West, Thomas G., 1943- PAR LIB 153.9 WES
An introduction to art therapy : studies of the "free" art expression of behavior problem children and adolescents as a means of diagnosis and therapy Naumburg, Margaret, b. 1890 PAR LIB 616.89 NAU
Janice VanCleave's math for every kid : easy activities that make learning math fun VanCleave, Janice Pratt. PAR LIB 510 VAN
Kids are worth it! : giving your child the gift of inner discipline Coloroso, Barbara. PAR LIB 649 COL
Kids still having kids : talking about teen pregnancy Bode, Janet. PAR LIB 306.874 BOD
Learning disabilities : the ultimate teen guide Paquette, Penny Hutchins. PAR LIB 371.9 PAQ
Math for smarty pants. BURNS, MARILYN PAR LIB 513 BUR
Maybe you know my teen : a parent's guide to helping your adolescent with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Fowler, Mary Cahill. PAR LIB 616.85 FOW
More than bake sales : the resource guide for family involvement in education Vopat, James. PAR LIB 371.19 VOP
MySpace unraveled : a parent's guide to teen social networking from the directors of Magid, Lawrence J. PAR LIB 004.69 MAG
Parent in control Bodenhamer, Gregory. PAR LIB 649 BOD
Parent talk : how to talk to your children in language that builds self-esteem and encourages responsibility Moorman, Chick. PAR LIB 649 MOO
Parent talk! : the art of effective communication with the school and your child Cerra, Cheli, 1959- PAR LIB 371.103 CER
Parenting today's adolescent : helping your child avoid the traps of the preteen and teen years Rainey, Dennis, 1948- PAR LIB 649 RAI
A parent's guide to Asperger syndrome and high-functioning autism : how to meet the challenges and help your child thrive Ozonoff, Sally. PAR LIB 618.92 OZO
A parent's guide to building resilience in children and teens : giving your child roots and wings Ginsburg, Kenneth R. PAR LIB 155.4 GIN
Perfect targets : Asperger syndrome and bullying : practical solutions for surviving the social world Heinrichs, Rebekah. PAR LIB 371.5 HEI
Period : a girl's guide to menstruation : with a parent's guide Loulan, JoAnn. PAR LIB 612.6 LOU
Positive discipline A-Z : 1001 solutions to everyday parenting problems Nelsen, Jane. PAR LIB 649 NEL
Pre-algebra and algebra Caron, Lucille. PAR LIB 518 CAR
Pre-algebra demystified Bluman, Allan G. PAR LIB 513 BLU
The romance of risk : why teenagers do the things they do Ponton, Lynn E. PAR LIB 305.235 PON
Staying in control : anger management skills for parents of young adolescents Kellner, Millicent H. PAR LIB 152.47 KEL
Stop bulling Bobby! : helping children cope with teasing and bullying Smith-Mansell, Dana. PAR LIB 371.5 SMI
Study strategies made easy Davis, Leslie, 1945- PAR LIB 371.3 DAV
Surviving your adolescents Phelan, Thomas W., 1943- PAR LIB 305.2 PHE
Taking responsibility : a teen's guide to contraception and pregnancy Lange, Donna. PAR LIB 613.9 LAN
Tattooing and body piercing : understanding the risks Winkler, Kathleen. PAR LIB 391.6 WIN
Teaching every adolescent every day : learning in diverse middle and high school classrooms Donald D. Deshler ... [et al.], editors. PAR LIB 371.9 TEA
Together again : family reunification in foster care edited by Barbara A. Pine, Robin Warsh, Anthony N. Maluccio. PAR LIB 362.82 TOG
A tribe apart : a journey into the heart of American adolescence Hersch, Patricia. PAR LIB 305.235 HER
Turning points, 2000 : educating adolescents in the 21st century Jackson, Anthony (Anthony Wells) PAR LIB 373.18 JAC
Violence in the lives of adolescents Straus, Martha B., 1956- PAR LIB 616.89 STR
What every middle school teacher should know Brown, Dave F. PAR LIB 373.236 BRO
What in the world are your kids doing online? : how to understand the electronic world your children live in Melton, Barbara. PAR LIB 004.69 MEL
When your child is cutting : a parent's guide to helping children overcome self-injury McVey-Noble, Merry E. PAR LIB 616.85 MCV
Why boys don't talk--and why it matters : a parent's survival guide to connecting with your teen Shaffer, Susan Morris. PAR LIB 305.235 SHA
Why can't I learn like everyone else? : youth with learning disabilities Brinkerhoff, Shirley. PAR LIB 371.9 BRI
Why girls talk-- and what they're really saying : a parent's survival guide to connecting with your teen Shaffer, Susan Morris. PAR LIB 306.874 SHA
Your defiant child : 8 steps to better behavior Barkley, Russell A., 1949- PAR LIB 649 BAR