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Anonymous Alerts Reporting System


Anonymous Alerts® enables students to quickly report bullying, cyberbullying, depression, family problems, drug and alcohol abuse, gang-related issues, sexual harassment, guns/weapons in schools, theft/vandalism or unusual student behavior which may warrant immediate attention by school officials. The system is simple and secure for students and school officials.


´╗┐Speaking Out´╗┐ - How it works:
´╗┐Students or parents in the school community can anonymously submit any suspicious activity, bullying

or other sensitive issues to a school official(s).


Student submissions:
Incidents can be anonymously submitted to school officials
Student can establish a 1-way or 2-way dialogue with school official(s)
• Students can attach/upload a photo or screen shot to any incident report
• iPhone, iPad, smartphone or tablet app for quick student access
iPhone/iPad App available for download and reporting
Android App available for download and reporting
 *User name: lacontenta

*Password: lacontenta


Z107.7 Weekly LCMS News

By Assignment Reporter:

8th Grader, Rachael Kee

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Z107.7 LCMS Newsfeed


Upcoming Events

- 12/19:  Spirit Lunch

- 12/22 - 1/2/15:  Winter Break

- 1/5/15:  School Resumes

Happy Holidays!  Happy New Year!

Online Forms and Information

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New Student Information System

Morongo Unified School District changed to a new Student Information System this year.  A Portal for student access has recently opened for students to view their grades, take online assessments, and view attendance.  The Student Portal can be found at  We are currently asking the parents to work with their children through the Student Portal until the Parent Portal becomes operational. 

The District is close to completing the Parent Portal configuration for parents to view their child’s current grades and attendance.  The new Parent Portal will offer more detailed information about your student’s class progress and assignments.  In the future the District will be mailing out access codes to allow parents to create portal accounts.  The link to the new Parent Portal can be found at  A link to each portal will be available on the MUSD website as well as on each school’s webpage.  We apologize for any inconvenience this change may have caused.   

Today: 12/18/14

Enrollment Information

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Link for Math and English Textbooks:

Click below:

To access Math textbooks:

Grade 7

Username:  7thgradem

Password:  7thgr484


Grade 7 Accel

Username:  7thgradem1

Password:  7thgr283


Grade 8

Username:  8thgradem

Password:  8thgr437


Integrated 1 (also has the grade 8 book added to it)

Username:  integrat1

Password:  integ546


Click below:

To access English textbook:

username: english262

password: lions